The Best of Boston and Its Neighborhood Highlights

John McGrail

There are many reasons why Boston is a hot spot for both travelers and homeowners. From its rich history to its art and culture, Boston is a jewel on the New England coast. Its many neighborhoods have unique features that set them apart, and community development is at the heart of each one.

Historical Haven

Dating back to the Boston Tea Party, Boston was the hub of the American Revolution. Visit Charlestown to see the many historical monuments, such as the famous Bunker Hill. Visitors can also head over to downtown Boston and walk the Freedom Trail and view historic houses, churches, and graveyards from the American Revolution. Stop by Harvard Square to be surrounded by enthusiastic students from any of Boston’s 35 colleges and universities.

New and Exciting

For the sports enthusiast, Fenway Park is a baseball icon. There are several sports bars peppered throughout the Fenway community, leaving sports lovers with multiple options to grab a brew while watching the game. Jamaica Plain is a pleasant suburb for relaxing on a gorgeous, sunny day or checking out a new art gallery. If a family trip is in order, head on over to Brookline, one of the coziest, family-friendly community developments in Boston.

Whether looking for a new home or just visiting, Boston is a place for all to stay and feel at home. The locals are friendly, and community comes first in the historic center. Take a visit to Beantown today.