Thanks to our creativity, our ability to create value, and our strong market knowledge, MG2 has grown from a small real estate investment company to a vertically integrated real estate firm. And with the founding of Alaris Construction in 2015, we are now able to use our construction capabilities and talent to benefit outside clients, offering them our high-quality work and invaluable experience at an excellent cost.

Why Should You Choose MG2?

Our vertical integration provides several benefits, one of which is cost control. Instead of outsourcing construction, our team of skilled professionals performs all construction work, allowing us to complete projects at a lesser cost and save money on acquiring materials. Because we operate multiple businesses under one roof, including a property management company, a construction management company, and a real estate investment company, we have connections to many experts in the industry such as appraisers, builders, and bankers.

Having all aspects of our business under one roof also allows us to approve the steps in the renovation process more quickly, bringing our properties to market sooner. In addition, we are able to keep track of timelines since we manage every aspect of the project ourselves.

How We Operate

At MG2, our professional team has strong knowledge of the market along with years of experience, allowing us to identify the best investment opportunities quickly. We work swiftly to seize available opportunities and bring properties to market, making our projects successful and profitable. While other investors and real estate companies may overlook the potential of certain areas, we envision opportunity and use our creativity to turn any project – even those requiring significant redevelopment – into a valuable investment.