From its ability to renovate properties in-house at a lower cost to its hands on property management; vertical integration fuels the company’s success.

MG2’s expertise ranges from residential and commercial property management, construction management, and development to financing, marketing and leasing.



In 2015, MG2 founded Alaris Construction to move its in-house construction capabilities and talent to a new company that could grow and take on outside clients. Alaris allows MG2 to capitalize on cost savings and trust the quality of work. The firm’s highly experienced team continually delivers unparalleled work.


Grid Management, a MG2 affiliate, operates 1,500+ residential units and over 500,000 square feet of commercial space across Massachusetts. With decades of experience, the company’s diversified team specializes in the long-term management of multifamily, commercial, retail and mixed-use properties. Through managing from an owner’s perspective they achieve goals and deliver results for MG2 and other clients.