Successful investing often means seeing opportunities where others do not. True visionaries can imagine the potential that is locked inside of a property or a district that’s value is not immediately apparent. Success is granted to visionaries who can take their vision and develop the imaginary into the real. At MG2, grit matched with careful planning are the keys to success.

Pioneers with a Vision

The best opportunities are overlooked by investors who prefer to stay on the sidelines. Some of our strongest success stories begin with discovering properties in areas that had been previously neglected.

Our company has been a pioneering force driving revitalization in several Boston neighborhoods and the city’s surrounding areas. We recognized the potential in Boston’s Dudley Square and our efforts led to the explosion in development in the area. In the Seaport District of Boston, investors are seeking out our properties and offering 300% more than the property’s significant investment returns.

Our efforts in the areas surrounding Boston have also reaped rewards. We acquired five acres in downtown Worcester and have built on that property in response to a growing student population. In 2015, the governor declared it “Lynn’s time” in response to the renewal efforts led by our team. We have found that when it comes to finding those hidden gems ripe for renewal, our instincts are correct.

A Model for Success

Vision cannot become a reality without hard work and attention to careful management and planning. Our team relies on its combined wisdom and experience to quickly acquire, develop, and market a property with the awareness that timing often defines success. We employ the vertical integration model that allows us to see a project through the process from acquisition to development to finding tenants and buyers. We founded an in-house construction partner in 2010 to ensure the quality of all work on our properties, and we partnered with Grid Management, which now lends its expertise in operating both residential and commercial properties.

MG2 takes pride in its status as an innovator and its reputation for tenacity. We hope to create beauty with a purpose.