From residential and commercial property management to construction, financing, and marketing, MG2 and its affiliates use creativity, hard work, and vertical integration to realize overlooked opportunities in real estate.

What Does MG2 Offer?

MG2 began as a small real estate investment company and grew into a reputable firm. With decades of experience, MG2 has used its vision to acquire and complete projects in buildings and areas cast aside by other firms and investors. Along with its affiliates, Alaris Construction, and Grid Management, MG2 is able to construct, redevelop, and provide long-term property management solutions for multifamily, commercial, retail, and mixed-use properties.

Property Management Model

Our team at MG2 uses vertical integration in order to keep the acquisition and construction of properties and management services in-house, a strategy that saves clients money without sacrificing quality.

MG2 also invests in neglected real estate. These solutions have four advantages:

  • Cost Control
  • Process Management
  • Differentiation
  • Improved Efficiency

By incorporating this method, MG2 is able to receive discounts on building materials, maintain budgets and timelines effectively, access experts and industry professionals when needed, and reduce the time it takes to get approvals. From bid to market, MG2 is there every step of the way.

MG2 Properties

MG2 is acquiring and managing high-profile properties across Boston, including areas seeing rapid revitalization. The firm recently completed a $9.1 million residential project in Boston’s Back Bay. These efforts also focus on the East Boston area, investing in middle-market properties that house the city’s workforce. MG2 continues to set its sights on the Greater Boston area as well, with acquisitions occurring in Lynn and Worcester.