Since its founding, MG2 has thrived in the world of real estate investments by focusing on projects and opportunities that have been ignored or overlooked by other companies. Along with our interest in unique investments, MG2 stands out as a vertically integrated company. We handle all of the aspects of real estate investment, including development, construction, and property management. This means that MG2 projects are not only handled efficiently, but we are better able to control our costs compared to firms that outsource work.

Choosing Our Projects

MG2 handles all phases of property development in-house – including choosing the projects that we think will be successful. Unlike other companies, MG2 does not limit our focus to certain types of deals or projects of a particular size. We consider any project that requires creativity and vision. Our past projects are excellent examples of this.


While other real estate investment firms have to hire a construction company when work on a new building begins, we take care of it ourselves. By performing all of our own construction, we are able to drastically reduce the overspending that is common in real estate deals that involve multiple parties. We are also able to easily communicate ideas and changes between the development team and the construction team, allowing us to stay on schedule. Plus, as a construction company, we receive discounted prices on the materials used for new structures.

Property Management

Along with development and construction, MG2 also manages properties. We currently handle over 1,500 residential properties and more than 500,000 square feet of commercial space throughout Massachusetts. Our property management team has decades of experience with all types of real estate.

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